New compositions and reconstructions (dapu) for the qin by TSE Chun-Yan




Promenade on an Autumn Day (Three short poems)

Composed by TSE Chun-Yan (1987)

    This piece makes use of the unique sound qualities of the qin and contemporary composition techniques to create the mood of modern poetry. The piece has three short sections:

        Stars on the lake
        Solitude of Lin Zexu’s statue
        Autumnal leaves.

    The first two sections, in free rhythm, employ many semitones and have ambiguous tonality. The third section, using two different pentatonic scales, is performed with alternating open strings and harmonics, and closes quietly with a dissonant interval.

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Remarks: Minor typo errors corrected on 07-May-2007, and file name of score changed to 002.1.pdf.