New compositions and reconstructions (dapu) for the qin by TSE Chun-Yan




The Falling Plum Blossoms

Composed by TSE Chun-Yan (1989)

    This is a duet of qin and xiao (vertical bamboo flute) composed on the Bianzhi (♯fa) scale in the traditional form of qin music. These two instruments have been brought together by free counterpoint instead of the traditional unison.

    The music describes the sorrow of LI Yu (937-978), the king of a subjugated nation (Nan Tang), as expressed in a poem of his, "Like heavy snow the plum blossoms fall, I wipe time and again but cannot get rid of them all."

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Remarks: Minor typo errors corrected on 16-Apr-2009, and file name of score changed to 005.2.pdf.