New compositions and reconstructions (dapu) for the qin by TSE Chun-Yan




Composition in Jiao Mode

Composed by TSE Chun-Yan (1999)

    Traditional Chinese music was usually written in modes of Gong, Shang, Zhi, and Yu. The Jiao mode was rarely adopted except in music of the ethnic minorities.

    This piece has been composed in an attempt to incorporate the Jiao mode of the heptatonic Bianzhi (♯fa) scale with the Qiliang (melancholic) scale found in the qin scores of the Ming Dynasty. There should be a touch of freshness on comparison with the qin scores of the Qing Dynasty.

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Remarks: Minor typo errors corrected on 25-Apr-2007, and file name of score changed to 008.1.pdf.