New compositions and reconstructions (dapu) for the qin by TSE Chun-Yan




The Sonorous Mountains

Composed by TSE Chun-Yan (2014)

    The title of this guqin and xiao duet is based on a quote from a master painter of the Southern Dynasties, Zong Bing, who said "when I play the guqin, I attempt to make the mountains [in his paintings] sonorous". This piece, written in traditional musical scales complemented with modern elements, is divided into several sections with zen subtitles. At the start, seeing "mountains are not mountains", the guqin plays harmonics in parallel fifths, dialoguing with the xiao in shifting modality. After the introduction, "the mountains are sonorous". The main melody is played in D yu mode in yayue scale, which is further developed into a climatic section in D shang mode in suyue scale. After the climax, a melancholic mood is depicted in "bells of the old temple" in D zhi mode in kuyin scale. After that, "the mountains are silent", and the introductory section reappears, but now, "mountains are mountains" again.

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