New compositions and reconstructions (dapu) for the qin by TSE Chun-Yan




Guyuan (Sorrow from Antiquity)

Music and lyrics by Jiang Kui 姜夔 of Southern Song Dynasty

    This is the only piece written in qin notation in the Collection of Songs Baishi daoren gequ《白石道人歌曲》by the Song Dynasty poet Jiang Kui. The use of non-pentatonic notes and modulation leads to a style quite different from the late Qing Dynasty qin pieces. As the score survives as Qing Dynasty copies, there are scribal errors. The reconstructions by different qin players differ significantly. This reconstruction follows a rigorous methodology and may be closer to the original source.

    This reconstruction is based on:

        Jiang Bingyan 江炳炎 version in Jiangcun congshu《彊村叢書》
        Lu Zhonghui 陸鍾輝 version in Sibu congkan《四部叢刊》
        Zhang Yishu 張奕樞 version in Qin fu《琴府》 (edited by by Tong Kin-woon 唐健垣)

    Regarding explanatory notes on the musical score, please refer to the article 〈古代琴曲打譜析微〉in "Exploring the Secluded: A Collection of Academic Papers, Compositions and Reconstructions on the Qin by Tse Chun Yan".

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