New compositions and reconstructions (dapu) for the qin by TSE Chun-Yan




Hangong qiu (Autumn in the Han Palace)

Songxianguan qinpu《松絃館琴譜》(1614)

    Songxianguan qinpu was compiled by the founder of the Yushan School, Yan Cheng. Yan classified this piece into the "yu" (or la) mode. However, the scale used is not the anhemitonic pentatonic scale, la, do, re, mi, sol, usually used in "yu" mode pieces passed down from the late Qing Dynasty, but is a hemitonic pentatonic scale with many do and sol sharpened. This scale is similar to the scale kuyin ("melancholy tone") used in some vernacular genres. The Yushan School favored the antique and the elegant. The theme of the piece is on the Han Palace. The fact that the piece uses the vernacular scale may indicate that the scale has had a very long history, and thus could represent antique music and became acceptable to Yan Cheng.

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Refer to article 〈從松絃館琴譜之漢宮秋看"苦音"在中國古代音樂的運用〉, and to CD "Autumn Moon and Winter Frost"