New compositions and reconstructions (dapu) for the qin by TSE Chun-Yan




Youlan (Secluded Orchid)

Xilutang qintong《西麓堂琴統》(1525)

    "Secluded Orchid" is the last of the Gong mode pieces in Xilutang qintong. It is different from the Tang Dynasty piece bearing the same name, and different from pieces bearing the same name in later handbooks. The piece basically uses a pentatonic framework. However, because of modulations and on and off use of semitones, 10 out of 12 tones within the octave have been used within the piece. With recurrent use of formulaic patterns, the piece is rhythmic. There is frequent interpolated use of notes of different registers and different tone colors. On the other hand, gliding notes are not common. The overall effect is quite different from the tranquil Qing Dynasty pieces. (Please see the Chinese page for a more detailed description of the piece.)

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