New compositions and reconstructions (dapu) for the qin by TSE Chun-Yan




    The styles, contents and structures of various art forms, whether it is literature, painting or music, have been changing with time. This similarly applies to qin music. A same qin piece in the Qing Dynasty score differs a lot from that in the Ming Dynasty. Having new development does not mean discarding the tradition. Qin lovers of the present generation, faced with the vast heritage, besides rediscovering and maintaining the tradition, should explore new directions and build new elements upon the traditional foundation of qin music. Since 1986, I have attempted to compose new pieces for the qin. These were performed in Hong Kong and Mainland, and some were published in CDs. Qin lovers interested in my compositions have asked me for the scores. To facilitate the process, I have put some of these scores onto this website. Qin lovers are welcome to download the scores for their own practice. These are not for sale nor for publication without my permission.

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